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First day…..

                   My alarm beeped again after I snoozed it for 3rd time. 8.30am “oh god”! am late again. I sprang out my bed.  Took bath, selected a random pair of dress from my closet. It was 9 am already. I came out of my room and my breakfast was already kept  on the table. My dad reclined on sofa and was watching some morning news channels.  He gave a look of ‘Late again’.  His frowned forehead spoke those words. His looks where interrupted by mom’s words ‘ Eat some more what’s the rush’?
Yes mom’s are like this. The shower of her love doesn’t stop no matter in what situation I’m in. My Mom is my savior in my home. She always backs me in all right and wrong things I do.
                   I quickly gulped the food.  Bid bye to my mom and started for my college. My college is about 23 kms away from my home. And to my restlessness, the autowala was leisurely driving enjoying the songs making me more late.  I too was submerged in the song ‘jil jil jiga’ of ‘Happy days’ enjoying its beats. This song explains what exactly is students life in college. I loved that movie.
                 Atlast I was in my college. Wait, where the hell is my mechanical class now? It was 10.05 am already. I looked around to ask someone. Luckily office boy was present busy collecting the attendance registers signed by the lecturers.
      “Can I know where is 1st year mechanical class is” make it quick am new joinee, I said trying to breath.
       “First  class from first right from the entrance”, said office boy. I thanked him.

As I was nearing to the class, I heard a female voice trying to explain something in her top voice. The nearer I went the louder the voice was heard. 


write it down, the feminine voice ordered the class.

Her Dou x / dou y chants were interrupted by my knock. The whole class looks turned towards me. 

          “Yes”, she said to know what was my intention to interrupt her. “I’m new joiner ma’am” I said. “yeah come in and be seated”, she said. And even before I took my seat, she started her dou x/ dou y chants. I was looking for a seat in last benches but only the front row was empty. ( no matterwhat time you enter the class, you always find first row empty for you. )

           Left with no option I took my seat. Took out my new Classmate book and tried to write down the notes. Not this sh*t again. Differential equations chapter.. Same sh*t in intermediate. History repeats. I hate maths. To save myself from this disgusting math class I craned my neck to see my classmates. There were about 40-45 boys and 15-20 girls. I took a look towards the girls row. After seeing them, my disgusting Differential equations were looking more beautiful than them.

“ We will continue the left out problems tomorrow” our ma’am said. I was relieved. “And we gonna end this unit tomorrow itself” I was happy to hear the word ‘end’ in her sentence. The smile dint last longer as she continued ‘ and we gonna start new unit called ‘differential equations of 2nd and higher order’.

Oh God!! Not again.

After the lecturer left the class, I scanned the whole class in order to see are there any familiar faces. Yes, there was a guy whom I know. Balakrishna. He was healthy ( I preferred word healthy coz he will kill me if I call him fat ). About him, Balu was a  brahmin boy with fair complexion with good height and most important thing is he always wore vermilion on his forehead. Education was his nightmare. His father paid 4 lakhs for his seat making his nightmare come true. I went to him and got introduced my self. He took enough time to recognize me. And next to him was Chetan, studious guy. He always kept his eyes glued on board. Beside to Chetan, another studious guy by name Anirudh was present. They were not of my type. I gave warm handshake to both and was talking to Balu. And we heard some loud laughs from the last bench of the 2nd row. Another familiar face, Nikhil, my friend’s friend. I went near him and before I tried to introduce myself, he recognized me. And about Nikhil, he was a gadget geek. And a type of a guy who always say ‘I dint prepare for the exam,’ but attempts every question and scores good marks. Yes, we all have such a person in our gang who always lie.

The laughs were getting more louder, beside to Nikhil there was guy who was making fun of his neighbor by imitating in his accent. Yes he is my type of person. Nikhil took the initiative to introduce me to him. His name was Siddarth. About him, his parents stay in his village some where in Andhra. He came all the way to Hyderabad and stayed in a rent room in Kukatpally. Next to Balu, education was a nightmare to Sid. But a very good dancer. He was hungry all the time. Or We can say 24/7.  

long-time intelligence chief and Hosni Mubarak's close ally has died in US while undergoing medical examination.
Omar Suleiman,Egypt's former vice-persident and long-time spy chief to deposed president Hosni Mubarak, has died in the Us,the official MENA news agency has reported .He was 76.

"Former vice president General Omar Suleiman died in the early hours of thursday in a hospital in the United States," the agency said.

"He was undergoing medical tests in Cleveland,"Suleiman aide Hussein Kamal said, adding that arrangements were being made to return his body to Egypt for burial.

The former intelligence chief stepped briefly into the limelight when he was appointed vice-president during the uprising that toppled Mubarak.

He left Egypt after a failed bid to run in the country's first ever free presidential elections in May.

Initially travelling to Dubai, he later headed to Germany and then on to the US for treatment, General Saad al-Abbassi, a member of Suleiman's presidential campaign team, told AFP news agency.

"His health deteriorated recently. He was in the United States with his family," said Reem Mamdouh, another member of the team.

He was a central figure in Egyptian politics for more than 15 years after he took over the country's intelligence agency in 1993.

Pilar of ousted regime

Suleiman, a pillar of the ousted regime , announced in April that he would be running for the president after initially saying he would stay out of the race.

He was barred from pursuing the country's top job a technicality, after the country's election commission said he failed to get endorsements from 15 provinces as per the law.

Suleiman was born in 1936 in the southern town of Qena and left for Cairo at the age of 19 to enroll in Egypt's military academy and went on to receive advanced army training in Russia.

He took part in both the 1967 and 1973 Middle East wars, though details of his service are unclear.

Suleiman was widely believed to have formed part of the inner circle of Mubarak, who shortly before his fall named the intelligence supremo as vice president.

Both Mubarak and Suleiman survived an assassination attempt in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, where the were due to attend an African summit in June 1995.

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Cutting back on carlories is the cornerstone of any successful weight-loss plan,but as dieters can attest,that's easier said than done. So it's encouraging to learn that three simple strategies can provide a boost: Eat regular meals, write down everything you eat, and avoid restaurants and takeout at lunchtime.
These three habits were each linked to greater weight loss in a new study of 123 overweight and obese middle-aged women, all of whom managed to shed at least a few pounds over a one-year period.
Women who reliably ate breakfast ,lunch , and dinner lost an average of 11% of their body weight, compared to just 7% among women who skipped meals.(That's equivalent to a 5-foot,6-inch women who weighs 180 pounds losing 20 pounds instead of 13.)
Methodically keeping a food journal was associated with losing roughly 4% more body weight. And women who never ate restaurant lunches lost 3% more body weight than those who did so at least once a week-- probably due to super-size restaurant portions and less-than-healthy dishes,the researchers say.
"Knowing what you eat and controlling the portion sizes is key to any weight-loss diet,"says Anne McTiernan,M.D.,the senior author of the study and a diet and exercise specialist at the fred Hutchinson Cancer Reasearch Center, in Seattle.
Strategies such as food journals are "about accountability," McTiernan adds.
Other behaviors in the study that appeared to boost weight loss included consuming fewer carlories from fat and carbohydrates and weighing and measuring food portions.
None of these findings was specailly surprising. Doctors and dietitans have long touted the benefits of regural meals, food journals, and home cooking ,but the new study is among the first tolook at wide range of weight-loss stragties and quantify whcih ones are most effective, McTiernan says.
Why does skipping meals backfire? it's not entirely clear, but research suggests missed meals can lead to snacking and overeating, and may even change the body's metabolism so that calories aten't used as effciently. Skipping meals also may go hand in hand with other behaviors that can promote weight gain, such as eating on the go.
Although the three healthful habits highlighted in the study might seem straightforward, they may prove harder to follow in the real world than in the somewhat artificial setting of a clinical trail.
The women in this study were all part of a larger trail looking at the effects of diet and exercise on hormones, and they received weight-loss guidance not alawys available to women struggling with weight issuses on their own. This included meeting with a registered dietcian and exercise physiologist and also learning how to read labels and count calories.
As it was, less than 5% of the study participants completed a food journal entry every day for the first six months of the study, as the reasearchers had asked.

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Apple, as everyone knows, has an exceptional track record for revolutionizing the product categories it enters. But it’s at least as talented at — I hope this is a word — evolutionizing them.
It’s a remarkably predictable process. The company starts by releasing an epoch-shifting gadget such as the first iPod, Phone or iPad. Then it relentlessly improves it, refining the original idea with additional polish and better technology on a more-or-less yearly schedule.
The new iPad, which went on sale on March 16, is all about that additional polish and better technology. Which means that Apple’s unexpected decision to call it simply “iPad,” with no modifier, makes sense.

(VERNON HILLS, Ill.) — Mitt Romney's increasingly confident campaign is intensifying calls — publicly and privately — for his Republican opponents to concede defeat in the presidential nomination battle, even before Illinois voters have their say Tuesday in the campaign's next big contest.
Romney extended his delegate lead Sunday in Puerto Rico, where he trounced rival Rick Santorum and scored all 20 of the Caribbean island's delegates. Romney has collected more delegates than his opponents combined and is poised to win the delegate battle in Illinois, even if he loses the popular vote, thanks to missteps by Santorum's shoestring operation.
Romney's wife, Ann, declared Sunday night in suburban Illinois that the time has come for her husband's rivals to quit the race.
احتشد الآلاف أمام مراكز البيع التابعة لشركة "أبل" فى عدد من عواصم العالم، مع بدء طرح الجيل الثالث من الكمبيوتر اللوحى "آى باد" فى الأسواق صباح الجمعة، فى ثالث نسخة لهذا النوع من الأجهزة التى أحدثت ثورة تكنولوجية، منذ بداية طرحها قبل نحو عامين.

وفى تعليق على طرح النسخة الجديدة من "آى باد" للبيع، كتب والت موسبرج من شركة "سنجس دى"، قائلاً إنه "منذ إطلاقه عام 2010، أصبح آى باد الكمبيوتر اللوحى الأفضل على الكوكب"، وتابع بقوله: "ومع هذا الجيل الثالث الجديد، فإنه يظل محتفظاً بتربعه على العرش".

ويتميز الكمبيوتر الجديد بشاشة فائقة الدقة، تصل مساحتها إلى 7.9 بوصة، بدرجة وضوح تصل إلى 2047 فى 1536 بيكسل، والتى تُعد
ضعف قدرات الأجيال السابقة، حيث تبلغ درجة الوضوح فيها 1024 فى 768 بيكسل، كما أنه مزود بكاميرا بقدرة 5 ميجابيكسل.